3-2-1, Blast Off!


As I pen this, three UNR grad students are leading eight undergrads in the final planning of the launch of the Nevada Media Alliance. I may be supervising this experiment in news partnering, but these eager, ambitious journalism students will be deciding — and doing — much of what goes into it.

If it succeeds, many will benefit. The students will get real-world experience. Our founding professional partners — KUNR-FM, KNPB-TV and the Reno Gazette-Journal — will get much-needed content. And the people of the Nevada will enjoy more news and have more say in their civic affairs.

It takes courage and innovative thinking to arrange and fund an on-going project of this sort. Give credit to the dean and faculty of the Reynolds School of Journalism for that. And our partners. And our initial funders: The Hearst Foundations, The Charles H. Stout Foundation, and The E.L. Cord Foundation. It takes a village to reinvent journalism.

The Nevada Media Alliance on the steps of the Nevada State Capitol (left to right: Scot Jenkins, Molly Moser, Lindsay Toste, Jeri Chadwell, Abbie Walker, Stephanie Glantz, Alex Pompliano, Riley Snyder, Paul George. Not shown: Natasha Vitale, Laney Olson.) Photo by Michael V. Marcotte.

This first semester of the Nevada Media Alliance has us setting our sights on the 2013 session of the Nevada State Legislature. That’s as important a target as there is around here. Ensuing semesters will see the Alliance aim elsewhere, but for now, we’ve got 11 aspiring reporters and editors ready to descend on Carson City (which just about doubles the size of the capitol press corps!).

So, wish us luck and let us know how we’re doing. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. And send us suggestions. If the students and I know one thing going into this project, it’s that journalism is a fast-changing field and we need to adapt quickly to these exciting times. We hope the Nevada Media Alliance is a quick step in that direction.


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