My One Second of Fame


I knew little about broadcast up until Feb. 14 of last week. However, when the opportunity for me to shadow Brent Boynton from KNPB arose, I jumped at it without hesitation. I had always been interested in broadcast but had focused my attention on print. This was opportunity to expand my horizons.

Boynton was working along with Vegas PBS’ Mitch Fox to make a special “A Conversation” focusing on major players in this sessions legislature. My task, with the help of my teammate Natasha Vitale, was to aid Boynton throughout the one day shooting and editing process.

We met up with him and his crew in the Old Capitol Building around 10 that morning. They were just finishing the set up of cameras when I walked in. Immediately, I was put to work. Our assignment was to research Speaker of the Assembly Marilyn Kirkpatrick and brief Boynton for his interview with her.

The schedule for the day was to do five interviews, film and introduction and conclusion with Boynton and Fox, tear down, drive back to Reno and edit the show that would be aired the next day.

A lot of the day consisted of waiting around, making small talk and Natasha and I questioning Boynton on everything he knew. Then, a legislature would walk in the door and the room was filled with excitement. Everyone rushing to get the cameras ready and the mics properly placed. The interview would begin and for the last three interviews, I would stand behind the camera with a timer and cue Boynton and Fox on how much time they had left.

Jokingly, I asked Boynton if they would give Natasha and I credit for our expert timing skills. Boynton said, “That’s not a bad idea,” and began writing new credits for the credit guy.

Finally, the interviews wrapped up around 4. Natasha had left by then, it was just me and the four man crew to start tearing down the equipment. We drove back to the KNPB studio in Reno.

Once we got there, Boynton gave me the grand tour of the building. I took a quick break to run home and grab dinner then headed back to watch the editing process. It was fascinating for me to watch. I had very limited experience with FinalCut and they navigated through it, effortlessly.

At 8:30 p.m., I had to call it a night — it was Valentine’s Day and I still had to celebrate. I thanked them and left.

The next night, I was making pancakes with my friends when I remembered the show had aired. Luckily, I had recorded it. I ran to the t.v., fast forwarded through the whole show until I got to the credits. There it was, my name, “Production Assistant: Laney Olson, Natasha Vitale”. My one second of fame.

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