A Mad Scramble


One month ago, I was in a mad scramble trying to find a class for spring semester. Today, I was holding the elevator door for a Senator so we could both attend his committee hearing in a timely fashion. Tonight, as I look over my first article while awaiting the publication of my second, I can’t help but catch things that would make Paul Mitchell give me that clairvoyant look, the one where he doesn’t say anything but I can actually hear the bass of his voice in my mind saying: you are capable of doing better than this, right?

At the same time, I read the stories others are writing and think: are these students? Everyday it feels less and less like hauling our media field kit up the stupid flight of stupid stairs is just for class. I think it is awesome that we are the pioneers for this class, we are the only ones who ever saw the site bare, and now it has more construction going on daily than downtown Reno. And it has only been a month — what will come of the next two?


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