Growth of an Alliance

I took some time over Spring Break to look back on what we’ve done so far. It makes me happy to see the breadth of issues that our reporters have covered — animal cruelty legislation, protests, measures to protect children from human trafficking, and so much more. Their work has been featured in the Reno Gazette-Journal and on our local NPR and PBS affiliate stations — and it’s no wonder why. It’s quality journalism. In little more than two months time, our team has grown into a corps of seasoned capitol press journalists.

It is with all of this progress in mind that I look forward to the last half of the semester. Key deadlines are approaching for the legislature, and in the newsroom, there is the pervading feeling of a pot ready to boil. Our reporters know what is happening in the capitol, and each of them has covered legislation on which they can now be considered the “go to” source for information.

We are looking forward to continuing to provide you with timely coverage from our state’s capitol. In the weeks to come, we will be exploring new ways to keep you informed on key issues developing in the legislature, starting with a weekly podcast to be hosted by our Managing Editor, Alex Pompliano.

Thank you to all of our readers and to our community partners. We’re proud to be a reliable source for objective reporting and honored to represent the Reynolds School of Journalism and the University of Nevada, Reno.

Jeri Chadwell
Nevada Media Alliance Senior Editor


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