Behind the scenes of a legislature reporter (this one, anyway)


I’ve successfully reported the very first half of the legislative session and have been through quite a lot. The majority of the experiences are good and quite silly and I would like to share them with you. Not a lot of people get to witness what’s behind the curtains of a Nevada Media Alliance reporter. Here, I share my experiences, in no particular order including: my efforts, encounters, and outcomes all while reporting for the Nevada Legislature.

  • My first real experience: Write a compelling article about a passionate protestor who is completely against the Nevada government.
  • Do some research on the passionate protestor and find out that the public has five restraining orders against him. Therefore, for journalism-student’s own safety, your exciting story had to be dropped.
  • Become an active tweeter and then accidently misspell or mix up information in one’s tweet.
  • Realize that you need to drink double-shot espressos before reporting anything.
  • However, gain a good crowd of followers because of your tweets (including legislators and reporters)
  • Work out your biceps by lifting and carrying the media kit.
  • Slide in between the icy lanes on your way to Carson City during a snowstorm (while going about 40mph).
  • Travel to Carson City for the second time in the same day after your reporting just to eat at Firkin’ and Fox.
  • Simply not paying attention to your surroundings and accidently back your car into some barricades at gas stations (this is where the importance of coffee comes in).
  • Have some jerk in a BMW throw a shake at you on the highway.
  • Have your allergies increase and stuff a package of Claritin-D in the media kit so you don’t forget it like you did the last time.
  • Hold a JVC camera, a Marantz recorder, a microphone, a notepad and pen all at the same time with only two hands.
  • Notice the outcome of your hands full of media tools is successful; a great news story is born (I deserve recognition of this talent in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not books).
  • Chasing down a legislator or another significant source – in heels (never again).
  • Go to class immediately after you return from Carson and forget to take off your press badge.
  • Blaring heavy metal and classic rock down the new U.S. Route 395.
  • Enjoy the scent of the pages in the blue 2013 Nevada Legislature Guide (I’m serious).
  • Shake the hands and socialize with other successful and inspiring local reporters and make sure that they know your name.
  • Discover that your favorite legislator is the one you wrote a profile on.
  • Notice that an investigative reporting class becomes your sidekick.
  • The temptation of testifying your beliefs during an engaging session.
  • Controlling your emotions when the equipment is running out of battery life before a session begins.
  • You get slightly bugged when testifiers don’t spell their 10-lettered last names or don’t even introduce themselves at all for the record – we need this, please!
  • Report during Spring Break from the live feed online; except, you get to stay in bed with your pajamas and snack on the baked goodies your mother made you.
  • Enjoy taking a ride to Carson with almost every partner on your team and get to know them more.
  • Find out that you have something in common with them like The Walking Dead, for instance.
  • That feeling of accomplishment you get after submitting your story to your editors.
  • The high fives and cheers they give you afterwards.
  • The feeling of fame you get when your article is the feature on the web page for 24 hours (hello, byline).
  • And last but not least (pardon my cheesiness) the overwhelming happiness you feel after meeting with your team members about what the focus is for the following week – and the adrenaline for that challenge.

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    • P.S. You really need to do the story now because the 5 restraining orders is one of the things I am protesting. If you do the story, you’ll see the 5 orders were issued to fire me from my job at the State of Nevada Dept. of Taxation. Then you’ll see how the former director Dino DiCianno (who was fired) used his judge friend Robey Willis wham DiCianno was his top campaign contributor and gold buddy to issue restraining orders against me in retaliation for reporting wrongdoings at Taxation including millions if fraud, a $50 million dollar IT system failure, porn on the email being sent by employees, etc. The mines were not being audited and I spoke up and DiCianno used the corrupt Carson City courts to retaliate. You’ll see how the people I reported actually stalked me and lied about it and then fessed up to it. The employee sending porn named Morgan Canfield was “promoted” . The Las Vegas Review did a story on the Tax fraud costing taxpayers “millions”. Here:

      Anyway, my website and youtube videos have a strong following and are gaining more and more attention. Now that the weather is warming up, we’ll be back out in full force protesting and bringing attention to the issues. We also are involved int he 2013 legislature and various bills related to gun rights, mental health and judicial matters.

      In 2012 Nevada received a strong D- grade for corruption in all areas of government. This study was done by the center for public integrity. I am not “anti government” I am “ANTI Corruption” and Nevada is a cesspool. I am outraged by the rampant, wholesale corruption and sick of seeing taxpayers fleeced and peoples rights being defecated on. In fact, the Nation is waking up and people are outraged at the corruption nation-wide. I’ve teamed up with Lawless America and to bring awareness and force change. Obviously the crooks in our government are freaked out about my ability to expose their corruption and scandals. I have no fear and they messed with the wrong person. They all think I am going to kill them will AR15’s andAK47s – so they took my firearms. This fight is not about amendment 2 – it’s about amendment 1. And they have tried to shut me down. This only empowers me. I don’t want these people dead, I want them to live and suffer as they are exposed and hopefully charged with the treasonous crimes they have perpetrated. Oh, treason is a “capital crime”… I have a sign that says that and these cowards try to call me a threat… Well its been said that a government that fears its peoples a good government and a government that makes its people fearful is a bad government. Clearly Nevada has a very, very bad and sick government. Look for the “worlds largest CRIME SCENE banner” to return to Carson City next week.

      Thanks – Ty Robben 775-790-2813


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